Why We Deliver

It's true that the phone and cable giants oppose Net Neutrality. For many in Washington, that’s all they need to know to make policy. But the story shouldn’t end there.

More than two million people have signed petitions supporting Net Neutrality. Many have spoken to their members of Congress in support of a strong FCC rule. Thousands of bloggers have spoken out in support -- many of them creating and posting free Net Neutrality ads and YouTube videos to counteract the expensive misinformation campaign launched by Astroturf (fake grassroots) groups that are funded by the likes of AT&T, Verizon and Comcast.

The SavetheInternet.com Coalition joined more than 850 groups from across the political spectrum. We represent people from every walk of life, and don’t take a penny of corporate money to do this work. Our goal is to give Internet users a seat at the table, a voice in Washington when it comes to protecting our vital right to access an open Internet.

That’s the point to these deliveries. Net Neutrality issue isn’t merely an issue to be decided among corporate Titans, their lobbyists and Beltway insiders. It pits the special interests of the few (phone and cable companies) against a vast and authentic grassroots effort involving Americans of every stripe.

The FCC cannot ignore a people-powered campaign that has lifted the crucial issue of Net Neutrality from obscurity and thrown a wrench in the phone and cable giants' plan to overhaul our telecommunications law and rewire the Web.

The debate over Net Neutrality should be a broad, public conversation about what the future of the Internet will look like -- and who ultimately gets to control the flow of information in a 21st century democracy. We believe that Internet users should decide what they see, share and whom they connect to via the Internet.

We’re two millions strong and growing. The FCC can’t ignore us.