Vote for Comcast ... the Worst Company in America!

There are a lot of horrible companies out there — but which one is at the absolute bottom of the barrel? Maybe even below the barrel, buried way deep in the ground?

You can make that call on the site of the Consumerist, which is holding its annual poll for the Worst Company in America. Not all of the final contenders have been determined, but Comcast is in the running — and what better way to register your fury over its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable than to vote Comcast the worst of the worst?

Public opposition to the takeover is escalating, and for good reason: The deal would give Comcast a ridiculous amount of control over the nation’s cable and Internet services. But it’s too early to predict which way the regulators in D.C. will go. Let’s give them another reason to say no: Check back on Consumerist over the weekend and vote for Comcast.

Need another reason to weigh in? Comcast’s top lobbyist recently said that no one who’s “rational” or “knowledgeable” objects to the merger. Let’s prove him wrong.