Comcast Never Knows When to Stop

Comcast is insatiable.

In fact, it’s like the corporate embodiment of Veruca Salt mixed with a dash of Augustus Gloop.

Like Veruca, it’s never content with its lot. Like Augustus, it’s an unrepentant glutton. Put them together and you have a nightmare worse than anything you might find in the pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The bloated Comcast already owns NBCUniversal, itself a mammoth entertainment empire. It’s already the nation’s No. 1 provider of cable and Internet services. But it’s hungry for more.

If Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable goes through, its service area will cover almost two-thirds of the United States. And it will be our nation’s only broadband provider capable of delivering both Internet and pay-TV services to nearly four out of every 10 U.S. homes.

For more stats on what an overgrown Comcast will look like, check out the Free Press infographic below and share it with your networks far and wide. And join the 400,000-plus Americans who have spoken out against the merger.

Original photo by Flickr user Liz West