Cartoonists Skewer the FCC's Anti-Net Neutrality Plan

Organizing around our rights to connect and communicate is serious business.

Net Neutrality is no exception — and things get really wonky really fast when we wade through a tidal wave of references to Title II, reclassification and so much more.

In the past week, a bunch of great cartoons have added some levity to the discussion.

These images — featuring everything from fictitious Comcast signs on top of the Federal Communications Commission to a cable company scooping up unsuspecting consumers in a large net — capture some of the concerns people around the country have about the FCC’s plan that would kill Net Neutrality.

Pictured above is one of the cartoons making the rounds. Artist Susie Cagle drew this for Link TV World News.

And check out the cartoons from the Boston Globe, the New York Times and the Times Tribune. Email me if you’ve seen others that I've missed — I’d love to see what you’re seeing.

P.S. Songwriters are getting in on the action too. What have you heard lately?