Net Neutrality Killer

While the fight to protect Net Neutrality has been raging at the FCC, the phone and cable companies have turned their attention to a new target: Congress.

It's appropriations season in Washington, D.C., and that means any member of Congress can attach amendments to this must-pass legislation in the hopes that no one will notice — but we’re watching.

Free Press has heard about two amendments that will be attached to the House appropriations bill. Both would be terrible for the Internet. One would effectively kill Net Neutrality and the other would make it impossible for communities to build their own broadband networks. And the vote on the appropriations bill could happen any time within the next 48 hours.

The big phone and cable companies will stop at nothing to kill Net Neutrality and maintain their near-monopoly status, and these amendments are a sneaky, back-handed way for them to push their corporate agenda. If these amendments pass, it would be a huge setback in the fight to save the open Internet.

There's no time to waste — we have to stop this thing immediately.

Pick up the phone today and tell your representative to vote NO on these amendments.