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Comcast has gradually raised my monthly rate for premium basic cable from $35/month to $109/month. This is price gouging to begin with, but if you allow this merger, it will basically be a monopoly. Weren’t monopolies broken up at one point for this very reason? — Susan, Seattle

I have had to fight with Comcast time and time again because my monthly bill would mysteriously increase. Their answer: ‘You’re a good customer, prices went up. If you were a new customer your price would be lower.’ This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with and I am against any merger they are involved in. — Tod, Vancouver, Wash.

How can you allow a merger between two of the world's most self-centered and oligarchic-minded corporations? I urge you with all earnestness to block this merger and keep democracy in place for all the people. — George, St. Petersburg, Fla.

This is just a sampling of the more than 20,000 comments Free Press has received since we invited the public to weigh in on the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger last week. As you might suspect, people nationwide are angry about the subpar service they’ve received from these two behemoths — and deservedly so.

The math on this merger is pretty straightforward. Take the worst company in America (Comcast), combine it with another horrible company (Time Warner Cable) and what do you get? You guessed it: a beyond-abysmal company with unmatched power to raise prices, crush competition and reshape the future of the Internet — for the worse.

And this deal will impact you whether or not you’re a current customer of one of these companies: A bigger Comcast will have so much clout that it’ll be able to influence prices across the industry.

The company’s pulling out all the stops to push this deal through — even claiming in some new ads that the merger will “extend Net Neutrality protections for more Americans.”

We can’t let Comcast have the last word — especially if that last word is a lie.

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