Pick Up the Phone and Talk Some Sense into Tom Wheeler

On Monday President Obama threw his full support behind real Net Neutrality.

But FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler still wants rules that would please his industry pals.

The Washington Post reports that in a meeting with Web companies including Google and Yahoo, Wheeler said he had to figure out “how to split the baby.”

Here’s the thing: We don’t want compromises. We don’t want delays. We want real Net Neutrality, and we want it now.

We can’t let Tom Wheeler make excuses or drag his feet. The agency needs to do what the overwhelming majority of the public wants: reclassify broadband under Title II of the Communications Act.

Companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon are slamming Obama’s statement and unleashing their lobbyists in Washington. We have no time to waste — we must push the FCC to act now.

Phone calls have a huge impact. Call Wheeler and the other commissioners today — and tell them to start protecting the Internet.

Wheeler once said that he and the president see eye to eye on this issue. Now Wheeler needs to put his words into action and enact the policies that the president — and 4 million people — are calling for.

Your voice matters. Call Wheeler and the other commissioners today: Tell them to do their job and support real Net Neutrality.

Original photo by Flickr user Brooke Anderson