Internet Cats Unite!

Stroll by the FCC today and you’ll come upon an unusual sight: Cats rallying for Net Neutrality.

Felines ranging from Grumpy Cat to Colonel Meow (RIP) to the ubiquitous LOLcats have become the Internet’s unofficial mascots. According to some estimates, cat content accounts for a whopping 15 percent of all online traffic — making the average household kitty the Internet’s spirit animal.

And in the wee hours this morning more than 200 kitties gathered on the lawn outside FCC headquarters to thank Chairman Tom Wheeler for signaling that he’ll protect Net Neutrality.

Armed with signs proclaiming “Slow Lanes Online?! A-paw-ling” and “We Can Haz Net Neutrality,” they delivered a clear message to the FCC. “With support from the hard-working advocates at Free Press, we’re here to say: Mr. Wheeler, don’t let the fat cats distract you. Title II right meow.”

While the cats are pawtiously optimistic about the direction the FCC is headed in, they’re worried about the latest moves in Congress to stop the agency in its tracks.

“Without the open Internet, where would LOLcats be?” asked Mr. Whiskers. “Would my parakeet videos get stranded in the slow lane?”

Snowball shared Mr. Whiskers’ concerns. “The humans have been protesting for so long that we had to do our part and let everyone know that we support Title II,” she said. “We will sacrifice sleep and rawr-lly wherever we’re needed until we get the strongest protections pawssible!”

The cats will rally outside the FCC all day today. Here’s what you can do at home: We teamed up with our friends at Demand Progress and Fight for the Future to launch 535 websites, one for each member of Congress. Find out where your senators and representatives stand on Net Neutrality; if they’re undecided or outright oppose Internet protections, you can help us push them to stand with the American public and do the right thing.

With the FCC vote on new rules slated for Feb. 26, the fight for Net Neutrality is on. It will take everything we have to win once and for all.

Check out the great cat photos below and go to our Flickr page to see the rest of our cativists:

Thanks to everyone at Technocopia for helping us make these great Internet cats!