Net Neutrality Defunded?

Net Neutrality opponents in Congress are once again trying to kill the FCC’s open Internet rules.

And this crew isn’t above resorting to underhanded maneuvers to get what it wants. In fact, some members of Congress are exploiting the quiet workweek by sneaking bad Net Neutrality riders into a must-pass government-funding bill. These riders would flat out prevent the FCC from enforcing the Net Neutrality rules.

Congressional leaders are negotiating behind closed doors — and some are trying to work in language that would reverse the FCC’s historic Net Neutrality ruling.

We worked too hard for that win to let anyone undo it — let alone in secret. Real leaders don’t resort to these kinds of dirty tricks.

We saw a similar effort over the summer but, thanks to the massive public outcry, the bills never made it to the floor. That could change now as talk of funding showdowns and shutdowns is starting up again in the run-up to the Dec. 11 budget deadline.

Congress shouldn’t be allowed to dismantle the FCC’s strong open Internet rules. Tell congressional leaders to leave Net Neutrality alone.