The Net Neutrality Verdict Is In: We Won!

Today a panel of judges ruled in favor of the FCC's Net Neutrality rules — agreeing with the overwhelming majority of internet users that this agency can and must protect everyone's rights to connect and communicate.
This outcome proves what we've known all along: that the FCC chose the right legal path to defend our internet freedom.
This ruling is a huge victory for the millions and millions of internet users who have fought for years for Net Neutrality. They’ve fought to ensure that the FCC has the power to protect everyone’s right to connect and communicate online. The court upheld the agency’s clear authority to prevent internet service providers from unfairly interfering with our communications. It confirmed that this authority stands on bedrock communications law and recognized the vital role that the open internet plays in our society.

The people have spoken, the courts have spoken and this should be the last word on Net Neutrality. The companies and Congress should listen to the will of the people, follow the law and let the FCC do its job. But if and when opponents of the open internet try to take their case to Congress or the Supreme Court, we remain committed to continuing the fight alongside the millions of Americans who are dedicated to preserving an internet that’s open to everyone.
Now it's time to take the fight for a universal, affordable and open internet to the next level.
We need the FCC to enforce its rules. We will continue shining a light on ISP abuses, uncover any new Net Neutrality violations, and bring formal complaints to the agency about broadband providers' unreasonable schemes.
And just because we've won the right to do that doesn't mean our opponents will quit. Whether the fight moves to Congress or the Supreme Court we'll be there to defend the open internet ... and with your help we'll win.
So we hope you'll join us in building on this victory. A great way to get started? Chip in $5 to support the next phase in the fight for Internet freedom.