FCC Chairman Pai

An Open Letter to Ajit Pai

Congratulations, Ajit Pai.

Today you’ve turned over our collective resource of the public broadcast airwaves to a company whose business model is built on tearing apart the fabric of communities by pushing racist fearmongering in the guise of news. You granted Sinclair the ability to not simply broadcast this hate, but to maximize its already inflated profits by targeting its seeds of hate.

You’ve removed the last barrier preventing one voice from monopolizing every aspect of news production in America’s smaller communities, ensuring future generations will remain ignorant of the corruption taking place around them.

You’ve ripped away a literal lifeline to the world for millions of families struggling in ways you will never understand. You’ve taken away basic connectivity to the forgotten seniors who worked their entire lives only to find themselves in abject poverty, failed by politicians like you who pay them cynical lip service and then spit on them when the cameras are off.

And you’re on the verge of turning over control of the internet on-ramps to a handful of companies so they can steal even more from their captured customers, and cut them off from the promise of an open and connected world.

You did all of this not for any legitimate public-policy reason; your actions will move us further from your own stated goals. No, you are cruelly punishing the public and enriching the already fabulously wealthy in service of a radical and immoral ideology.

Congratulations, sir. I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight.