Schooling Chairman Pai on Net Neutrality 'Myths' vs. 'Facts'

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced his plan to slash the Net Neutrality rules, and everyone hates it.

Which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Since Pai first hinted at his intention to gut the open internet, he’s been roundly condemned by countless activists, small businesses, media makers and politicians — not to mention millions of commenters. Net Neutrality is the First Amendment of the internet, and the internet has shown up to defend it.

But it turns out Chairman Pai is too thin-skinned to take the heat. Instead of listening to Net Neutrality supporters and abandoning his overwhelmingly unpopular plan to repeal the rules, Pai’s office released an explainer to separate Net Neutrality “myths” from the “facts”.

There’s just one problem: All of Pai’s “myths” are real, and all of his “facts” are twisted.

At Free Press, we’re used to calling out Pai’s lies for what they are. So today on Twitter, that’s exactly what we did: