Free Press to Tribune: Don’t Let the Kochs Spoil the Party

Free Press sends cakes to Tribune journalists for the company’s 166th birthday
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Josh Stearns, 413-585-1533, ext. 204, or Elizabeth Dubuque, 202-265-1490, ext. 26

WASHINGTON — Last week, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the Koch brothers confirmed their interest in buying newspapers around the United States. Recent press reports indicate the Tribune Company’s eight metro dailies are at the top of the Kochs’ list.

In honor of the Tribune Company’s 166th birthday and in solidarity with Tribune journalists, Free Press sent cakes on Tuesday to the newsrooms of the Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Press, the Hartford Courant, the Los Angeles Times, the Morning Call, the Orlando Sentinel and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Free Press thanked the journalists for their commitment to serving their readers.

Here is a photo of one of the cakes:

Free Press Journalism and Public Media Campaign Director Josh Stearns made the following statement:

“The Tribune Company’s birthday reminds us of the historic role Tribune newspapers have played in their communities. Selling these papers to the Koch brothers, who attack journalists they don’t agree with and want to use these outlets to push their political agenda, would jeopardize these relationships.

“Our birthday wish is for the Tribune Company to find local buyers for their papers. We need owners who will invest in the kind of robust and uncompromising journalism communities need to stay informed.”