Free Press Statement on FCC Letter on Cellphone Unlocking

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Jenn Topper, 202-265-1490 ext. 35

WASHINGTON -- On Thursday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler sent a letter to CTIA, the trade group representing wireless companies, calling on it to adopt consumer-friendly cellphone-unlocking policies and to inform customers of those policies. The letter suggested that without voluntary action from the companies, the FCC would step in.

Free Press Policy Counsel Jennifer Yeh made the following statement:

“We’re pleased that Chairman Wheeler and the FCC are taking some steps to let wireless customers take full advantage of the devices they pay for.

“Addressing this problem through the CTIA Consumer Code isn't ideal. With no real enforcement mechanisms, the code's provisions too often turn into empty promises. But this letter sends a strong signal that the FCC is prepared to do the right thing.

“We hope that if the industry fails to act quickly and adopt good policies, the FCC will step in on behalf of wireless customers and the public.”