Women Tell FCC to Keep Internet Open

More than a dozen women’s organizations have signed a letter this week urging the FCC to support a strong Net Neutrality rule, and other signatories are still streaming in.

They argue that the Internet offers a level playing field for women to create and publish their own content, as well as find content about and by women. This freedom and these perspectives are particularly valuable in the face of a media system that has historically shunned women’s voices, pigeon-holed women into stereotypical roles and marginalized women based on geography, class and race.

Thanks to the open Internet, women have been able to:

  • Produce and distribute women-centric media;
  • Organize and advocate for women’s issues;
  • Access resources, news and information that matter to women’s lives;
  • Run businesses and build professional networks online; and,
  • Build community with friends, family and neighbors.

The groups, which include the National Organization for Women, SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, Women’s Media Center, the International Museum of Women, Feminist Majority, Mom’s Rising and Media Equity Collaborative, told the FCC it “must take action now to affirmatively safeguard the free flow of information on the Web before it’s too late.”

They wrote:

    In contrast to mainstream media, where women’s voices and perspectives are seldom heard, the Internet serves as a rich source of content by and for women. It’s also the only open platform where women can express their own views and post their own material without permission from media gatekeepers. This ability to self-publish turns the mainstream media model, with its scarcity of women owners and women’s viewpoints, on its head. Network Neutrality will ensure that women will continue to have a voice on the Internet.

Read the letter and view the list of signatories.