Free Press Champions Net Neutrality on the PBS NewsHour --- and Everywhere Else

By now, you probably know that the Internet as we know it died a little on Tuesday morning.

Free Press sprang into action right away — and the past 48 hours have been a whirlwind of interviews and writing and strategy sessions on how to save the Internet. This much is clear: The word is getting out about the danger to the open Internet, and the public's response has been tremendous.

Our petition to the FCC is on fire – and we've seen more people join our ranks in the past two days than ever before. If you haven't taken action yet, do it now!

Did you catch Free Press' Craig Aaron on PBS' NewsHour last night? If not, here's the video:

That's just the crest of a wave of stories, articles and discussions that have flooded the space formerly known as The Open Internet. The response has truly been off the charts! And just in case you — or Chairman Tom Wheeler — missed any of the best coverage, here's a roundup of the highlights: