On May 15th, We Fight to Save the Internet

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s having a bad week.

The revolt against his plan to allow rampant discrimination online has gained some serious momentum.

Nearly 100 organizations — including the ACLU, CREDO Action, Free Press, MoveOn and the National Organization for Women — called on Wheeler and the Obama administration to chuck this plan and adopt rules to preserve the Internet as an “open and nondiscriminatory platform for speech and innovation.”

Meanwhile, close to 150 Internet companies — including bigwigs like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter — sent a letter calling Wheeler’s proposal a “grave threat to the Internet.” A group of leading tech investors also slammed the plan, noting it would kill startups and hurt innovation.

Even two of Wheeler’s fellow FCC commissioners got in on the action, raising serious doubts about the rules.

And then there’s May 15th. On this special day of action, thousands of activists, organizations and companies will protest Wheeler’s plan both on- and offline. We’re launching the day with a rally right in front of the FCC, where the commissioners will be deciding whether to move forward with this proposal. (Sign up here to take part.)

If you can’t wait until May 15th to speak your mind, check out the special site we’ve created, where you can tweet at Congress, add a Save the Internet banner to your site, and use other tools to save the Internet.

Stay tuned for updates over the coming days!