Love Net Neutrality? Hate Comcast? Fund the Fight

As a Comcast subscriber, I can attest to the power cable companies have over our rights to connect and communicate.

Comcast is the only cable provider in my area. This lack of competition forces my family to pay astronomical prices for cable and Internet for less than top-notch service. And the Internet speeds most people have access to in the United States aren’t nearly as fast as what people in other countries can get for far less money.

I know these providers can and should offer us more affordable Internet, wireless and cable services — and I refuse to let this situation continue without a fight. So what am I doing to make a difference?

For starters I work for Free Press, which fights nonstop to protect real Net Neutrality and block the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. One sure way to fight the beasts is to be on the inside.

As a member of the development team, I raise money from individuals to support the fight for Net Neutrality, stop runaway media consolidation and hold our leaders accountable. I also personally give to the organization because I know my contributions will make a difference.

I’m not alone: Free Press has 900,000 members who sustain this work through actions and dollars. Our activists are taking to the streets, calling their members of Congress, signing petitions, spreading the word, sharing our blogs and videos, and reaching into their wallets to fuel our movement.

And Free Press has launched a huge campaign to accomplish two major goals:

  • Get the FCC to scrap its flawed Internet plan and protect real Net Neutrality.
  • Stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

The FCC will vote on these issues as early as year’s end. And how the FCC votes will determine whether we still have free speech and innovation online.

So we need to make it politically impossible for policymakers to mess with the open Internet and support harmful mergers. How? By engaging and mobilizing millions of people to pressure the FCC, Congress and the White House to do the right thing. That includes you, me, our family members, our best friends, our neighbors — just about our entire networks. (Click here for more details on how we plan to win.)

Unfortunately, Free Press can’t do all of this for free. And because we need to remain independent, we don’t take money from business, government or political parties.

So what can you do?

  1. Help fund the fight! Your contributions help us push decision makers to create policies that serve the public interest.
  2. Share this link with your networks and convince them to give.

If we raise $100,000, generous donors will kick in an additional $100,000. So double your gift by donating today!

Funding is so important because we’re facing a formidable foe: Companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon spent more than $53 million lobbying Congress and the White House in the first half of 2014 alone. They’re using fake grassroots groups to spread lies and misinformation — and they’ll stop at nothing to get their way.

But we have something more powerful on our side: Our members and allies. And together we’re having a real impact. Millions of people are demanding real Net Neutrality — and hundreds of thousands are speaking out against the Comcast merger.

Your gift will help make our movement bigger and stronger. With the capacity to pull off more rallies, visit more members of Congress, counter the corporate lies, and dig into cutting-edge research, we’ll be able to sustain the fight — and win.

The next few months will be crucial. I just donated — will you?