Happy Birthday Net Neutrality!

Big news: The FCC's Net Neutrality rules go into effect today.

Cable companies couldn’t stop us. Court delays couldn’t stop us. And now your Internet is safe from throttling, blocking and paid prioritization.

The other side told us over and over and over again that we would never win, but we knew better.

This is a historic day.

But our opponents don’t take defeat lying down. They’re trying everything they can — in Congress and in the courts — to control the Internet and trample our rights.

Some members of Congress just snuck anti-Net Neutrality provisions into an appropriations bill that needs to pass to keep the government operating. And while a federal court denied the cable lobby’s attempt to delay implementation of the rules, the legal challenges to the FCC’s decision to reclassify broadband providers under Title II won’t be resolved for months.

Free Press will fight back — no matter what it takes. We’ll make sure the FCC enforces its rules. We’ll defend the FCC in court as the ISPs continue trying to overturn these protections. We’ll keep meeting with members of Congress and mobilizing to stop any attacks on Net Neutrality.

We’ll counter any move the cable lobby throws our way. Because that’s what we do.

But we can’t do it alone. Staying independent is so important to us that we don’t take any money from business, government or political parties. That’s why your support is so essential.

Thanks to everyone who’s been part of the movement to keep the Internet free and open — this victory belongs to all of us.

Original photo by Flickr user Anthony Cramp