We Will Fight

It’s impossible to continue our work without pausing to acknowledge what happened on Election Day. 
There are still many conversations to be had, questions to surface, strategies to develop and plans to make with our collaborators, friends and partners. We won’t pretend to have the answers. 
But we do know a few things. 
We will oppose rollbacks and defend the victories we’ve fought so hard to achieve. 
We will challenge gatekeepers of all kinds and all platforms. 
We will work with and within justice movements.
We will fight back.
We will fight against racism, misogyny, xenophobia and other forms of hatred in the media.
We will fight against the expansion of the surveillance state. 
We will fight for internet freedom. 
We will fight for better, deeper reporting in your community.
All of us deserve to be seen and heard in our media — to use our voices without fear of government censorship, corporate control or threat of physical violence. We will start and end our days holding on to our vision for media and technology that liberate us. 
We will fight with you, alongside you, every day.