• A Change for the Worse

    November 16, 2012

    In 2007, then-Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin rammed through controversial rules that would have allowed further media consolidation of newspapers and broadcast television stations. The change met significant opposition from the public and Congress, and was eventually overturned by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the Verizon-Cable Pact

    August 24, 2012

    Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission voted 5–0 to approve Verizon’s purchase of a valuable slice of the public airwaves in exchange for a partnership with a cartel of cable companies. While both the FCC and the Department of Justice — which signed off on the swap last week — placed conditions on the deal, it signals dark days ahead for consumers.

  • FCC Ruling Will Save Verizon Wireless Customers Big Bucks

    August 9, 2012
    Last week, the Federal Communications Commission handed down a decision that could save millions of Verizon Wireless subscribers up to $240 a year.

Recent Press Statements

  • FCC Approves Verizon-Cable Deal; Consumers Face Dwindling Competition

    August 23, 2012
    On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted 5-0 to approve Verizon’s deal to acquire spectrum from a consortium of the nation’s largest cable companies. The FCC put several conditions on its approval of the deal. The Department of Justice signed off on the deal last week.
  • Verizon-Cable Deal on the Cusp of Completion

    August 16, 2012
    WASHINGTON – On Thursday, the Department of Justice announced that it would allow Verizon’s deals to buy spectrum from a consortium of the nation's largest cable companies to move forward. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski also announced he would circulate an order approving the deal to the other four commissioners for a vote. In its consent decree, the DoJ placed limits on Verizon and SpectrumCo’s deals to cross-market each other’s services.
  • The Cable Act at 20: Free Press Urges Congress to Keep the Focus on Consumers

    July 24, 2012
    On Tuesday, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing to consider the history and the continued importance of federal laws designed to protect people who subscribe to cable television, satellite or other such multichannel video packages.

In the News

  • Consumer Groups to Fight AT&T FaceTime Restrictions

    September 19, 2012

    Three public interest groups plan to file a formal complaint accusing AT&T of violating U.S. Internet rules if the wireless service provider goes ahead with a plan to limit use of Apple's FaceTime application to certain customers.

  • FCC Approves Verizon's Purchase of Cable Industry Airwaves

    The Hill
    August 27, 2012

    The FCC has approved Verizon's $3.6 billion purchase of cellular frequencies from the nation's largest cable companies. The five commissioners voted unanimously to approve the deal and the order was publicly released.

  • CWA Slams Verizon/SpectrumCo Approval as Job (Loss) Creator

    Broadcasting & Cable
    August 27, 2012

    Reaction from critics of the Verizon/SpectrumCo deal were quick to register their disapproval after the FCC released the order approving Verizon Wireless' $3.9 billion purchase of spectrum from some major cable operators.