Alison Brzenchek

Campaign Organizer and Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow

Alison collaborates with the communications, advocacy and policy staff to engage activists, connect community members, plan and execute campaign events and conduct campaign research. Her 17 years of expertise in media literacy, activism and advocacy work began when she was elected to the Action Coalition for Media Education Board of Directors; she subsequently served as the group’s vice president of media reform, communications director and vice president. Alison has a doctorate in communication from the University of Massachusetts and a master’s in social work from the University of Michigan. As an activist, researcher and educator she focuses on feminist cultural and political economic analysis to challenge systemic oppression and promote equality in the digital media landscape. She is currently working on a research project entitled “The Donald Trump Docusoap: Fake News, Mediated Authenticity and Populist Affluence.” Follow her on Twitter @Dr_Ali_B.